Our Story

Welcome to Neighbourhood Dawgz, where your pet's comfort meets style and durability.

Our journey began out of necessity and blossomed into a passion. As proud pet parents to our beloved American Staffordshire Terrier, Maddy, and Kelpie Cross Blue Cattle, Bailey, we found ourselves on a relentless quest for cost-effective, durable harnesses and collars. Weighing between 30-40kg, Maddy and Bailey needed gear that could keep up with their strength and what was left of their vitality, yet everything on the market seemed either exorbitantly priced or disappointingly fragile.

Determined to solve this dilemma, we delved deep into market research, seeking the perfect solutions for our furry family members. Unfortunately, our dear companions were elderly and passed away before we could share our discoveries with them. Their memory, however, fueled our resolve to ensure no other pet parent faced the same challenges we did.

It wasn't long before Ruby, our spirited American Staffordshire Terrier, bounded into our lives. Young, energetic, and brimming with life, Ruby became the heart and soul of Neighbourhood Dawgz. Her zest for life exemplified the very essence of our mission: to provide pet gear that can withstand the rigors of the most active pets while ensuring their utmost comfort.

The Birth of the Body Fit Harness

Ruby's arrival heralded the launch of our signature style – the Body Fit Harness. Designed with the modern pet and their human in mind, our harnesses embody a perfect blend of form, function, and durability. They stand as a testament to our commitment to quality, affordability, and the belief that every pet deserves the best.

At Neighbourhood Dawgz, we are more than just a brand. We are a community of pet lovers dedicated to enhancing the lives of our four-legged friends. Our products are the culmination of our love, loss, and the joy that our pets bring into our lives every single day.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of all pets – energetic, serene, young, and old. Neighbourhood Dawgz is not just about meeting a need; it's about creating a legacy of love, durability, and style for our furry family members.

Your Pet's Comfort, Our Passion.

Welcome to the family.